Friday, August 05, 2011

and more.

Our neighbor who befriended us at the lake actually did let us borrow his paddle board
 (but in between we liked practicing on our kayaks) and it was so fun.
Grandmama even tried and the laughter from the banshee's and cousins
was something I hope to always remember.
She is quite one active Grandmama (if you haven't gathered that) and a good sport, though she never made it up for more than two seconds, it was quite entertaining.

The "Owen's"

The newest Setran member, Pickles.
Named in lieu of "Pickles" the Seaside Grill down on the gulf on 30A, chances are you've eaten there if you've ever been in the area.
She's beagle/lab mix and a reminder that I do not need a puppy until my children are completely old enough to be responsible and take care of one. She is high maintenance.

Driving up to the Lake Cottage, just beautiful.

Here is our sweet little cabin, constructed completely out of wood from an old Barn.

The rafters

The little stairs

Remember these fun things at playgrounds? I am sure they are completely unsafe and that people have numerous horror stories of injury's, but they sure are fun.
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