Friday, August 05, 2011

American Girl Fun

In lieu of a party, Mary Holland opted for a trip to the AG Tea Room and what better location for it then Chicago with our BFF cousin. Matching outfits and all.

The excitement abounds

This little box held a slew of fun, and some interesting, questions.
Here is one my sister pulled out.
My answer was Pippi Longstocking.
My sister's Pollyanna.
Needless to say, it was very interesting for my parents in raising us.
They say opposites attract, and as grown-ups and mama's we have become the best of friends.

Happy Birthday MH!

Window shopping.

By the time we made it to the AG store, we had walked, ridden and were a little wind blown.
None the less we had a ball!

We met the rest of the clan over at Navy Pier.


Sister, sister. Love this gal.

On the bus
Worn-out from all the fun and all the walking it takes to get around a big city!

In the taxi

On the train

Very grateful for our fun trip and my sweet sister for getting us all around Chicago.
What a fun celebration with our 6 year old and...
what a dream for a two year old as we got to ride a train, take a taxi, ride a trolley and a bus.

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