Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Typical Summer Southern Day

We have loved the pool and everyone, even Owen is quite a lover of water. They did not get this from their daddy, but definitely from my side of the family. We stay for hours. Hours. It wears them out.

Swim Lessons together!

Look carefully at the senior citizen taking a beautiful dive from the diving board. We could not ask for a better, more energetic Grandmama....and the dives kept coming.

Building Owen's quick "fork"- aka fort- before we dash to swim lessons.

They live outside!

My intense tot.
Donned in jon-jons most days and using phases like "chill-out" and "so long sucka" yet still wearing diapers and throwing tantrums and as the older ones say "he rules the roost".
He definitely plays his role (and we totally enable) as the baby of the family well.

Lately, we've been hitting up the McWane center after 3.
Perfect time to go and again it wears them out.
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