Friday, August 05, 2011

Lake Michigan. WARNING...picture overload

These are just a fourth of our pictures.
Really, scrolling through my Picasa album,
BUT it was so fun, and we are blessed.
We are thankful for a sweet sister, with sweet friends, who shared their cabin with us.
It was enchanting and a nice break from the hot summer breezes of the south.

Sweet sugar pies.

She struts. Everywhere. I can't decide if it is absurd or cute.

Ice Cream in New Buffalo, MI. A fun little town. The servers at the ice cream shop couldn't help but ask where in the world we were from. What?! The accent gave it away....

The gal's stance. Really the attitude is ramped up when her teenager cousins are around.

You scream, I scream...for Ice Cream!
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