Friday, July 01, 2011

Viney Woods and Cottage Updates

So, if you haven't noticed we name things around our of course the kids had to come up with a name for the magical forest that resides beside our house. After discussing and throwing out names to each other they all decided and agreed on the name "Viney Woods" appropriately named since, after CJ labored making a little trail and a clearing through the thick tree's, there are tons of vines hanging down. Hudson loves it and it has proved to be life-giving to his soul.

The "dining" room and one of my favorite pieces that my parents pulled out of an old barn, that was my Grandfather's, and redeemed back her beauty. It now houses my fine china and silver.

In laying out our room, the only way to squeeze in everything and to make it work was to put it in the window. I love walking past and seeing it framed by the window, Glad it fit and love the location of it.

Fort banshee. Only certain people were let in at certain times, and I was not on their list. Hearing them chatting and imagining is one of the many things I love to sit and listen too.
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