Friday, June 24, 2011

Settling In

 Things are s.l.o.w.l.y. coming together and out of boxes. Who knew we had so much stuff, a lot stuff we can live without. Downsizing has been freeing and good. After this move, I don't want to move for a long, long time. The days continue to roll by and we are getting settled into our rhythm of life here. Walks to meet new friends and see old ones at Mary Holland's kindergarten play date and seeing besties on the walk back home...we've just begun to experience the ease and joy of community living. The hubby walked to coffee to meet his friend as the sun rose over sleepy Homewood and said he  experienced a time of prayer and serenity as he made his short walk. It is very fulfilling.
 In between the normal household work and the mountains of boxes I've been digging through, we did take breaks and enjoy life here in our new home. It has already been filled with much laughter {and prayer as I try to stay sane through the move} and the banshee's are so very, very happy and have all been playing so well together. They love this house and new way of life, from all they tell me. Who wouldn't? Here is a glimpse into what we've been up to.
We have a ways to go and wayyyyy to many pictures you'll notice mostly found their home on the ground, for now.

My friends Lindsey and Lisa came and hung these in the hall.... The banshee wall that is.
 I loved their help and much needed fellowship.
The always creative MH. The curtain rod quickly became a ballet bar for her dolls.

Again, she loves art, painting and anything she can get her hands on.
I am a little biased, but she is a pretty good little artist.

The baby banshee in the buff.
We do own bathing suits, he just opted out of wearing one and at this point I am picking my battles carefully. I am sure the neighbors are wondering where is the naked baby's mama and who are these people?!

 View from the porch.
Our magical forest, we cannot wait to explore and make it our own tiny kingdom of forts and swings.

Lunch on the porch and finally a clothed Banshee.

And each night we fall into bed, and some nights we are so tired some 'little person' can't make it to their own bed and forgets the proper way to sleep in a bed. Luckily she was still breathing, although I am not sure how. We have since had long talks about the importance of having your head OUT not UNDER the covers. Tomorrow I will conquer what feels like a million and ten more boxes....A box at time, that is how I am still operating. Helps keep my mind focused and present to the task in the moment.
My bed is screaming my name and my body aches. My laundry list of things to be done awaits me bright and early tomorrow. Thank you Jesus for night and rest. Night- night.

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