Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Camp Tinkerbell

Seriously, I feel like we are on vacation. Life here is simple, easy, relaxing. It is amazing we are just a few miles from where we've been. Simplicity... there is something to be said about it. The first night, our bed broke in the move, so while it was being repaired and my mom had the banshee's, me and the hubs slept in the kids bunk beds with a gazillion boxes piled around us. We told creepy stories about what we thought was in the thick jungle of the woods beside us and laughed and I think, if we both were honest, that our stories got us a little freaked out. And I was anxious that there was a weight limit for the top bunk as the hubs claimed it before I had time. Alas, I survived and woke up in one piece in the morning.
 It is dark here, much darker than the city that has street lights lining the road. The crickets sound like an orchestra. Our neighbor is worried about her little yappy dogs, which I assured her do not phase us as my children have been raised with emergency vehicles screeching down at our street at all hours...I am not sure she believes me though. My boys get dirty, they bury ants, stir up the dirt, sit in it, dig in it and love it. We swam with the neighbors in the baby pool, played baseball, had a tea party and enjoyed dinner by the woods under the blue sky and hot, hot breeze. We go on unhurried walks and soak up the quality of life.
 No longer do we have the regulars making their walk to the bus stop, but we are living outside engaging others around us here.  I have had some great conversations that have been honest and open and have made me aware of the poverty here, in a different way. It is exciting to see God has us here and where he has placed us and who we have met. I am also excited about the church plant that is coming. There have been meetings and we have been told it is heading that way. It is a reminder that God knows our desires that He planted in us a year ago... to be part of planting a church. Now we just are going to help do it with people we are super close with and with our family around the corner. I have no doubt we are supposed to be here for now and he had us "prepare" for Seattle so we could be used in our own backyard. In His will, grasping my depravity yet striving for righteousness and I know it is ALL because of His grace.
 And the campers are up....

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