Sunday, June 19, 2011

Goosey Gal and Daddy Day!

Daddy's little girl... 6 years ago CJ was clueless about the power a little girl can have over their Daddy, and I am pretty sure he knows now. What a way to celebrate Father's Day once again...
CJ, I have watched your own growth in the Lord spur on your love for our daughter in a Godly, protective, nurturing way. You constantly seek out her heart and love her well. You are the best "Nancy Drew" reader I've been told, you make the best silly songs on the guitar up at bedtime, you long to really know her heart and to guide her along the paths of righteousness. You have a connection with her that is rare and have her heart as her daddy. I am thankful that she has you in her life, shepherding, leading and loving her well. Happy Father's Day from us all.
 6 years ago at 11:06 we welcomed a baby girl into the world and our lives, once again, were forever changed. Mary Holland Jones became the apple of our eye and we all adored her, especially her 1 1/2 year old brother, who from the very start has had a love/hate relationship with her, as most siblings do. As she grew and we got to know her a little better, she became known as "bird" because of her loud little noises that mimicked a little bird. As time went by "Goosey Gal" became her nickname and stuck. When she was old enough to communicate she told me "My name not Goosey Gal, my name Mury Huwand." Now you don't mind it, but we did try and respect your wishes when you were little. You now call yourself Goose a lot, and Hudson's buddy's do too.  SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY GOOSE! We love you so much and had a fabulous day celebrating your life.

Tink's overgrown, big bushes are now little twigs. Our dear landlord thought he would trim them and he sure did. Here is our little retreat and we should be unpacking, but instead we are relaxing and grilling out for Father's Day. After dinner we all took a stroll around the block to the future community garden site and the bridge in our woods that leads to the Jr. High that we can see from the front of our house. It is time I will take my camera.

Slip n Slide

A little celebration.
Headed to Chicago this summer to go to the AG store,
with our cousin, in lieu of a party.

Welcome to the family.... Emily!

And Samantha.... who MH described as "Delicable", elegant and delicate.

Dolls, dolls, dolls, apparently a couple need to go to the AG spa.
Their hair seems to have seen better days.

Investing in OFF!!

Lovely flowers.
Thanks to Laura, they've brightened up my room from all these drab boxes.

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