Friday, July 01, 2011


After two plane delays and sitting by an actor and his fiance, who I thought might be Heidi Montag for a while, I finally landed in LA and finally crawled into bed at 3:30 (Birmingham time).
It was all interesting and filled with entertaining conversation as we had quite a long flight.
I am hanging out with the Trinks and walking in high cotton in LA. I have the greatest, life giving, pampering friends who are so fun and have spoiled me rotten here in LA. Mary Beth works at Fox, aka "Fort Knox" and we enjoyed eating lunch at Fox Studio's. They have movie sets and fabulous murals on the sides of most buildings. The one below is for Hudson, I think he might have passed out had he been there in person. Just fabulous.

They film shows here like Modern Family and How I Met Your Mother, but everyone is off for the summer, so no hanging out with her famous friends.

Look at this precious little cottage, there are several of them all clumped together and this was Shirley Temple's dressing room back in the day, they also have tunnels that run under ground for actresses like Marilyn Monroe before they had top notch security.

Some of the gates keeping crazy's locked out.

According to our tour guide aka "Mary Beth" they had trailers all over the campus and recently decided to do some clean-up. In doing this they found this awesome courtyard with a pond and all.

They had a whole road of these entering into the back of sets. I love them and the colors. It was all so enchanting.

One of the many stages.

After Fox we headed over to Niketown and met back up with MBT for "Bridesmaids", then it was off to dinner at LA's finest Pink Taco with MBT's glamorous diva's who all have massive Louis Vuitton bags, drive brand new Lexus convertibles and have fancy jobs. They would seem to be intimidating, but they are not. They were very fun and welcoming to " Mrs. Sweet Home Alabama" herself. We had lots of laughs and honest conversations.

Heading home full of joy and yummy food!

The playground at the mall. The banshee's would love LA.

Day 2 started with a trip to whole foods, and heading to the gym for a 3 mile run through Beverly Hills. The homes here are more than fabulous and running is so much easier with NO humidity. We hopped back in the gym and had circuit training with Virg's personal trainer, which almost killed me, as tour buses stopped outside peering down as I sweated and moaned my way through the workout. It is all surreal and fun and totally different than dealing with potty training and whiny needy people. We headed to the spa for the afternoon and enjoyed massages, the steam room, hot tub, the sleeping room and their delicious lemonade. It was a treat and a blast...thank you Trinkles!
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