Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Home

As I sit in the dark with the banshee's snoozing beside me in a hotel room on the beach.... We are staying in Birmingham and God, for now, has shut the door to Seattle. We are at peace with this and happy to still be close to the beautiful gulf and family, but still open to His will and plans for our lives. We hope to be involved in another church plant right in our backyard in Birmingham....more details on that to come.
So back to anxiety, June 26th (when our renters move in) is coming fast and as of now we have no lease signed for a house for us. We have potentials, but no real peace about it. Some exciting prospects, but as of now that is all they please, please say a prayer that God will provide us the perfect home in Edgewood for our family. He knows our wants. He knows our needs.

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