Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Mary Holland graduated Kindergarten this past week. Although we are "holding her back", her day was special and she celebrated with her sweet class. She will be sad to not be heading back to God's house.
 Waiting to walk the aisle

Hudson missed the big event, but was with us in spirit....and dear Mother, I did actually iron my pants this time although it appears to look like I slept in them. Not sure what happened.

Mary Holland and Margret Mason, gotta love preschool in the south!!
 I am sure Mrs. Harper dreads helping these sweet double-named darlings learn how to spell their names.

We have been at this school for over 5 years. It is so sad that I won't be dropping my children off anymore (for now) at this sweet, sweet school where I know everyone and also went to kindergarten, many moons ago. All the teachers and staff have loved my children (and me) so well and have shown them and taught them  about Jesus!

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