Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Beach Trip with the Banshee's and Wade Clan

 We set off sans dad (boo, he had to work), but with Grandmama in tow to the beach. Our Annual beach escapade with the Wade's proves never to be dull, nor does Pensecola, FL. Back to back beach trips, Rosemary to Pensacola, can put you into culture shock...needless to say the gulf is beautiful in both places and the kids had a blast in the Hilton's fun, friendly kid pool that sits on the beach and it is easy. From monogrammed totes to monogrammed bodies....

 Nelly is one of the most striking little girls I have ever met. She has sweet curls, eyes like lightening and a spirit to go with it. She is a little cherub and the baby of the Wade clan.
 The boys. Conrad, William and Hudson at Peg Leg Pete's. Perfect place to take the kids. It was loud, so we didn't stand out TOO terribly bad.
 It is always so fun to reunite with Elizabeth at least once a year. We met in our little neighborhood in Germantown, TN when we were five. Most of my childhood memories involve her. We moved when I was in 5th grade back to Birmingham, but she was always such a faithful writer and we remained friends despite the move. Her husband rocks and they are the perfect match! It is so fun to be together with our kids and recall the fun we had when we were small. I can't believe we are mama's!!

 Taking a break
 Owen takes over the baby pool on the beach
 I had grand plans and beautiful outfits ready to go for some great beach pictures at dusk...this is the only one I managed to get. A picture of all three of them wet and their backs. I had to choose how I spent my energy and it quickly became apparant to me it was not going to be an outfit change and photo shoot at dinnertime.
Water Babies

 It looks as though the banshee's are out wayyyy to far. It was shallow though and I am pretty sure they must be on their knee's. They LOVE the ocean.
Excited to be at the beach (note the teeny, tiny bed in which all of us slept like sardines).
By nightfall I had no more parenting skills left and fell quickly asleep only to be woken up every hour with feet on me, a head on my stomach, or a baby on the floor. Owen did fall out the last night...still refused the pack n play. Sometimes you just survive.

No time for books or magazines.... much less make-up

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