Monday, May 30, 2011

Tinkerbell's Cottage

After much anxiety of choosing where to live this coming year... God has made it evident it is to be a little cottage nestled on a hill, in a great location, on a quiet dead end street that feels like a tiny treehouse. The banshee's, after seeing it and being very excited about the woods that surround it, decided on the name "Tinkerbell's Cottage" which is a far cry from the "Manor" in which we now reside, in both good and bad ways. I will take before and after pictures because "Tink's Cottage" needs some TLC and a good hard cleaning. After remodeling two of our homes and having a passion for doing so, moving into a house we are just renting is going to take self-control. No doubt we will make it our home and put our "stamp" on it, but we will not have all the amenities, such as two sinks, a double oven, my master bath which is a bit of a fact the kitchen is a galley kitchen that needs to be gutted. "Lord, let me grateful" is what I think each time I have seen it.
On the positive side, I am excited about living in a great location and living more of a simple life. The banshee's can walk to school, the neighbors who live in a mansion next door have 5 banshee's themselves, we are two blocks, from candy, coffee, pizza, ice cream, BBQ ect. If we could throw a rock over Red Mountain, it is probably 1-2 miles as the crow flies from our house now, but a totally different dynamic. Can we say hello "urban" suburb?! It is not the typical suburbs and has more of an eclectic feel with bungalows and cottages lining the street, lots of children, great parks and good schools. We are excited and sad. No longer will be reminded daily of poverty, maybe more of our own poverty ;), and the diversity that lives and breathes all around us daily will indeed be much of a change. I will miss watching the regulars make their way to the bus stop, I will miss our neighbors...we have had great ones...and I will miss the "Old Lady" that we poured our heart, soul and money into and redeemed back "her" beauty.
But, I am ready. We all are. The chapter (or chapters) of living in Southside are mingled with joy and sorrow, laughter and tears, babies and toddlers, long talks and silence, brokenness and redemption and that is just the surface. We will leave behind the Manor, but take the memories, and make many more in the cottage nestled amongst the tree's.


  1. I am glad that my southside story is forever weaved without the Jones. I will never forget those 3 years with porch nights and lots of tears and laughing. God has been good to us, hasn't he? praying for the next chapter....

  2. that was- weaved WITH the jones....

  3. I understood. Yes many tears and many laughs. So honored God chose us to walk in community together the time that He did. I will always cherish all your encouragement, love and porch nights. :) love you friend.