Monday, May 16, 2011

Rosemary, How I Miss You

My small group girls aka -the women who speak daily into my life and help me grow and seek Jesus more- set out sans banshee's to the beach. It was so relaxing and dreamy. We stayed in a Penthouse that was out of this world and shopped and talked and shopped and talked and ate and talked and layed on the beach and talked. Between us all we left 19 banshee's at home with the Daddy's. It was soul filling and life giving. We laughed and laughed and talked about Jesus and girly stuff and had a ball. True friends they are.

After a little roaming around in the dark and taking ways we didn't know existed, our car finally got to the beach. Our car offically became "hell if I know" (excuse the cursing). Each time we received a call from the other (much more organized) group of gals this was our honest answer as to our where abouts. We were glad to finally roll into the salty smelling air and gentle breezes of Rosemary beach (6 hours later and NO thanks to google maps)...and the fun continued through-out the weekend.

Lo. She is quite the rapper and my bunk mate for the trip.

Emily is a little flustered by all the dancing in a quaint Seaside store.
Our group of "Ma'am's" shook the place up!

My soul sister who happened to be a mile or two away. There are too many reasons as to why I love her so.

Trying to get a mini-group photo.

The hard work of 2,384 tries and 26 camera's on timers, finally pays off.

Rest for the soul.

Before the storm blew in. It was quite a sight running to the car after the bottom fell out, in fact hilarious.
Screams and laughter (and more screams) and clothes plastered to us. For by-standers, I am sure we were very amusing...or annoying.

The view from our top balcony.
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