Saturday, November 01, 2014

Halloween Redemption

Tonight, as we scoured the cottage lined street hauling our buckets of candy and huddling close as the wind swirled around us, my heart swelled with thankfulness. This very morning, I sat across from a lady over breakfast sharing my story of Halloween five years ago when my marriage was in shambles. We showed up with broken and bleeding hearts at a very gracious couples home, whom we did not know all. They had gathered with other couples for trick or treating and it was the kind of crowd who has no need for gossip, the darkest pits of life don't send shivers down their spines, because most of them have lived and breathed in the pit and had managed to find their way out. Broken, authentic people who can let broken people JUST BE. What a glorious safe place. I hope to be that. I have a hard time being that. Letting people just be. I told my friend I didn't see that couple much anymore, we weren't close, but they were a safe place for us that Halloween.
Tonight as we scooted past homes and familiar faces, in the flickering lights I saw my gracious friends profile. I ran up to thank her for THAT Halloween. For being Jesus with skin on to us that night. What a gift.
Everything and everyday is just a gift. The good, the bad and the ugly. Live with a kingdom {eternal} perspective, that your body is just a tent housing your soul and that God is making all things new. All things new. Let that sink in. Giving all people, all places and all things over to him. (Insert the old hymn I surrender all) That is the key to living a free, fulfilled life. It's a daily practice,that sometimes I practice and sometimes I don't.
So glad God saw fit to remind me tonight of his glorious riches, his infinite love and his faithful promises he gives his people....a day at a time.

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