Saturday, November 22, 2014

A life well lived

Juggling. That's what I'm doing this season, and sometimes I feel like I am as tight as a drum and shouldn't I just slow down?!? Other days I think this is the fullest of life I've ever felt!! I think back to the dazed and confused days with sleepless nights, diapers, bathing little bodies, dressing little bodies and it sends shivers down my spine. I look at pictures of their tiny faces and remember all the hard work and long for those sweet little voices and try and remember the details...but it's all a haze. I loved, loved my babies. Don't get me wrong, but I LOVE this stage of independence, they still need me, laugh at my quirks and jokes. Their tolerance for me is high and I know it won't last much longer, but they can take care of theirselves, for the most part, but yet still enjoy me, their mama. It's grand. If you are still in the dazed and confused days, hold on. I'm sure you're doing it far more graciously then I did, I was a hot mess.
So, I'm juggling children, work, Christmas parties and an arts and crafts show. I know I'm dropping balls. I also know, and my now 11 year old has noticed and says..."god always comes through for you".

He always comes through for me.

I may forget things, but at least he brings them to mind, most of the time, after the fact and I can graciously apologize. And I digress...

But my point is here. Once upon a time I felt heavy, I was depressed and trying hard to live a fantastic dream that I could call "a life well lived". It was like quick sand and swallowing me whole. I grew up in a competitive society. "Be the best, achieve great things, live for the king." ALL good things to desire. My trouble was and still can be, my will and my flesh were trying to do it all by myself. That's exhausting. God has changed that striving into just being, and stepping through doors that open, living in compassion with open hands, not comparison...because comparison really is the thief of all joy and I lived there way to long!!

So, to be full of life and working hard is a season I'm trying to enjoy and live well and free in. And to juggle lots of things, knowing, his hands really hold the balls. Seasons come and seasons go, blessed be his name. If you're in a valley, bless his name, look up and cling tight. If your on a mountain, bless his name, look up and cling tight, because really THAT is a life well lived.
Happy Holidazzze. Put your phone down and be present and thankful this season.

Below are random pictures.
Last week, we walked through a door God opened and my jewelry line, which sounds crazy to even say, will be at Dejavu stores at the beach.
Pictured is my beautiful baby girl turning 4. What a precious face. So thankful for her.
The man cartwheeling is my introverted hubs who hates to draw attention to himself. It was his act of worship for the month.

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