Monday, August 05, 2013

Just For Today.

Quiet. Listen. Slow down. Rest in my love. Be kind. Patient. Live in an understanding way with others. Seek truth. Pursue holiness and righteousness. Let MY kingdom come. MY will be done. Be above reproach. Be present. Let others choices be others choices. Believe in my healing power. Have hope IN me. Rest your worry and throw your burdens at my feet. Capture your thoughts and fill them with my word. Seek my face and my character. Let me mold you and make you. Keep showing up to ask me to shine in your life. Open your hands to receive the life I have for you! No one can rob you of who I made you to be...The gifts I gave you and the goodness of how I wired you. Don't back down with others bc of jealously or being forgotten. Keep showing up for loves sake. Everything has a purpose. Things not seen will be seen. You can trust this. You will come out victorious. IN me you can do all things. The world has nothing to offer. Feel up on time spent w me. Let the words on your lips and meditations in your heart be pleasing in my sight. Hate evil. Cling to good. Your good is nothing compared to what I have for you. Open your hands and receive it. Open your ears to listen, for my glory and your good. Life will be brighter than noon day, you will forget abt troubles past. Nothing that is not from my hand can touch you. All bad I am making good. I am redeeming and restoring, so quit trying to help. My loving hands are gentle, yet firm. You can trust your master. I am not your father, your mother, your husband, your wife, friend or child. These people are deeply flawed and the only way to live in harmony is thru my word and MY truth. Nothing abt me is broken. I have no wounds and ultimate freedom. Your 'best thinking' will ultimately confuse you and could potentially harm you. Do not be afraid. This is a serious commandment. Do not be afraid, I am with you to the ends of the earth. Surrender your day to me. It's the only way to have the life you want.

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