Wednesday, December 26, 2012

O Happy Day!

Christmas came and went and was a special celebration with our little family. My sister called several months ago and had gotten a place at Disney for us and all we needed was to get down there and purchase the tickets (which FYI is not cheap). I think it is going to happen, thanks to my small business ventures, so we announced it to the kids AND it was so anti-climatic. No screams of joy, no crying, no hitting the knee's giving fist pumps....just some half smiles and starring at Mickey, the ballon that popped up behind the tree with a note attached!
I really am beginning to wonder if switching it up and taking them on a mission trip would be the way to heart is torn. The things of this world leave you so high and dry and unfulfilled. Maybe when they get older the hubs Magic Kingdom here we come, and I know the fun we will have. Just being with our cousins and my sister for a whole week makes my heart leap w joy.
Here are some pictures of us celebrating! Most importantly, we are so thankful Jesus was born. He makes the lame walk. The blind see. He heals, restores and redeems his flock. He has changed our personal lives in countless ways and he came to do what we us. Happy Birthday Jesus!

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