Friday, March 23, 2012

Pinterest Love and Spring

Spring has sprung, along with Bubby's hair above, and the tree's are radiating beauty (and pollen). Everyone is pretty miserable with red puffy eyes and stuffy noses. We are trying to be thankful and to not O.D. on Zyrtec.
In other news, I love pinterest. I know there is negative to even the good things in life, but it allows me to funnel my creativity into action. Someone has already planned it out for me, now all I have to do is follow directions, which I never do...I guess that keeps them somewhat an orginial. I just go off the picture. We made this fancy little alumium foil river and the bubby loved it.

 He loves some Polly Pockets. Thanks to sister who has a fun collection!
Another Pinterest idea. Shaving cream and food coloring for bathtime fun. Hudson sold in his school market day. "Goo of Doom" (I think he was overpriced, he said he bumped it down to $5)
Hope no one comes after us suing us for staining their tub. We did not try this ourselves (insert nervous laughter)

 Dr. Daddy with eyedrops. Bubby was excited his first time getting them. Sweet boy, not so much anymore.

Spring Break Madness with Ricky Bobby's! They had a grand time, as well as our whole house strewn down the Alley while half naked. Good times.
We are having two weeks of spring break and headed down with the cousins to the gulf on Monday. No one is sleeping around here lately, the excitement of the beach AND cousins together is too much. These people have even started cleaning. Miracles do happen.

Again, thank you Pinterest.
Coconut Oil zapped in the microwave with drops of lemon in it.
My furniture is shiny, in a good way. I cleaned my baseboards with it as well. It was 52 things you can do with Coconut Oil. The hubs looks at me like I have 10 heads because now my answer to everything is "Coconut Oil, of course dear".

After Art in the Park Day. We were there 3 hours. I forgot my camera, but it was a beautiful artsy, fun day. Here is proof!

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