Sunday, March 18, 2012

Picture Dump & Ramblings

Magical Days.
My check in word in our marriage group tonight was....full, satisfied.
And I am.
The banshees ran back and forth between Tinks cottage and our neighbors backyard and down two houses to another friends. They were dirty, hot and worn out as we strolled back home after dinner. We had an impromtu cook out enjoyed the crickets and banshee screams and laughter late into the moon filled night. If this is how an 'almost spring' weekend is, I can't wait for summer.
If you haven't heard, I am so thankful for this Tinkerbell cottage, small and humble, but bursting at the seams with sweaty, dirty, happy children. Community makes it all worth it.

Ice Skating Lessons with her bestie.
Need to work on bringing DOWN the sass.

Our 1980 fridge turned into white board for some theology lessons.
 I have it video taped somewhere her explaining her words and drawings.
 Love my Gal.

Our Good Ole Bubby!
We've been having potty party's and he has had A LOT of jelly beans here lately. We are gonna have to detox him from those, but I am officially done with DAY diapers!
We are so proud of Jr.  Can I get a fist pump?!

 MH's besties mama gave me this green mirror.
A little paint helped her. It is amazing what paint can change.
Mr. Federal Marshal. (rated PG-13)
I clearly forgot to tell you the exciting "Cops" episode that went down right before we jumped in our car for Puerto Rico. I was packing and trying on clothes as hubs monitored the banshees and encouraged me to speed it up. I was in white pants with BLACK undies, one shoe on, a sports bra under a fancy
 shirt and half of my hair in a side pony tail. The hubs calmly walks back to the room, looks me in the eye and as if he was telling me dinner is ready and this is what he says..."there is a Federal Marshal in our backyard and you might want to ask him some questions...."
What in the...? So out I run, side ponytail, white pants with black panies, one shoe and a sports bra with a fancy off the shoulder shirt. Sure enough, a man with a BULLET PROOF vest is talking to my kids as they jump on the trampoline AS IF THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG!!! I felt so disoriented, my mind had been on clothes and already in Puerto Rico, and I barely mumbled the words "what is going on?" I hear Mr. Federal Marshal say "their is a fugitive in your woods that we are about to catch, we have a way of tracking him". I am now running around my yard (with my get-up attire on) trying to catch the banshee's and make sure no one gets caught in a crossfire?! My sweet neighbor comes outside holding your little daschund and like any good southern women would do, if she saw federal marshal's running around with glocks and bullet proof vest on ,as the children play under their feet yells calmly in her sweet southern voice "can I help you?"... Our neighbor behind us thought the construction workers had come to hang a swing and yelled to the man in her backyard, "you know where to hang it?". He turned around in a BULLET PROFF vest with POLICE written in all caps, imagine her surprise,  and said "Ma'am I am a FEDERAL Marshal."
I thought we had moved OUT of the ghetto?!
The fugitive was finally caught, Mr. Federal Marshal called me while en route to ATL, and my mom was a saint and agreed she'd keep the doors locked and that God would protect them as we left her not knowing if the fugitive was hiding right in front of our noses. I now have a federal Marshal's cell # plugged in my phone for life!
It is never dull around here. I managed to snap a photo of the Feds walking away. I almost asked if I could get a picture of them in action and document that this really happened. The hubs was grateful I refrained.
If anyone needs a Federal Marshal for anyone reason, call me up!

Rain rolling in over the Rain forest

Warm days, crazy hair and naked toddlers.

Yard work fun!

Hard to believe this was a week ago.
A workout with the Hubs near the beach.
Loved every minute of it (and it always helps when I get beat him :))

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