Saturday, March 03, 2012

Embracing the days

I am embracing these days, not in a self pep talk way, but it's coming natural lately.
A slow pace, yet very filled life. I feel like we are on a cruise, due to all the activities we have to choose from. We can be at the Baptist Family Life Center 2 blocks from our house in three minutes flat enjoy working out, their game room, pool tables...whatever you may.
Our neighbors beside and behind are enough entertainment alone. Yesterday I sat in the neighbors kitchen waiting on the storm (which luckily dodged us) with three other mama's and our 15 children in the backyard. It sounds almost dangerous. My children come in most days sweating, wet, muddy and out of breath. No doubt this is what they were made for. Life is flowing out of them and God has granted us a season of pure joy, that we anticipated and waited for on our journey.
  I think we made the right decision to rent Tink's cottage. I purged today again, so my love affair with her is back. It went south there for a while amongst the clothes, toys and crapola that we have accumulated.
Walks to the the weather.

 Puss in Boots. How'd you guess?
"I came to dance"
Dance parties are part of our daily routine now, thank you spotify.


Hud reads Bible stories to O.

Enjoying the weather
Little Tiger who LOVES his PJ's!

Family (and neighbor) time

Goose reads to the boys

We've tried to be more intentional about unplugging and engaging. Face to face. With each other and our neighbors and friends. I am realizing how I need to slow down and just BE.
My neighbors do community well, as I sat in one of their kitchens, no great huge conversation took place, no special shindig was or ever is planned, they just really enjoy each other.
I have watched them since I've moved in and they, at some point during the day, ( they exercise together, are in and out of each other's houses and cars and they have a plethora of children, a total of 11 between them. They really live life well together.

I think they have something very sacred that few have and many long for.... their own tribe in a way.
I am taking notes.

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