Saturday, February 04, 2012

Paleo and Pancakes

I bought cabbage this week and bacon. Not planning on it, I found an easy recipe to combine the two.
Cut cabbage in 8' wedges and remove the core
Place it on a baking sheet and strips of bacon with drizzled olive oil and sea salt
(I cut 8 pieces of bacon in half and laid them over and beside the cabbage)
Bake at 450 for 30 min, turning halfway

Let me just say that they were good, but the bacon was AMAZING.
I will never pan fry bacon again. It was cooked to perfection without the mess.
SO, I did a little research and found you an easy...
Roasted bacon recipe
Turn oven on 400
Put parchment paper on baking sheet
Put bacon strips down and cook for 15-20 min
AND you don't even have to flip them

I haven't tried it yet, but will very soon!!

It was very yummy

Again, contribution from the hubs.
Saturday morning Pancakes are becoming creative, and no they are NOT Paleo. The blueberries on top are the ONLY healthy things about their breakfast and they look forward to it every Saturday!

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