Monday, February 20, 2012


I just want to clarify because it has come to my attention, through a friend who was over this morning, that when I am talking about relationships/friendships on here I am not talking about one person nor targeting anyone. I simply am discovering MY stuff, why I am drawn and am not drawn to certain types of people. It is my journey of stepping out of denial and taking a honest look at the people I shun or the relationships I try and make work. A friend told me recently, "in this stage of life your friends are the ones willing to accept you and your crap and you are willing to accept them with theirs". By no means am I talking about a specific friendship when I write and my prayer is no one has taken it that way. I am just processing what a healthy, for me, friendship looks like.
For example, my friend today who was over has been one of my besties since I was 23, when she met me wanted NOTHING to do with me, but somehow I won her over. To be brutally stuff is that needy people make me run and aloof people  draw me in and there are reasons as to why this is, but that is for another time. I was wired this way due to specific reasons from the time I was a small child. SO, that is all I mean by I am working on things like that, changing my old dance. I think like marriage, friendship..intimate friendship... can ultimately help you practice living out the gospel and there is sorrow and joy ever closely intertwined. I am thankful for my friendships and constantly learning what God calls me to be and how to love, grow and mature together in healthy ways in intimate community. It is ALL a process.

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  1. good post. i doubt it was ever "unclear" to anyone, but it's good to get it out, just in case. i love you.