Sunday, January 22, 2012

Yummers and the typical chaos

These were my Friday snack. I laid on the couch most of the day and nursed a sore throat. Luckily we have Pinterest to distract us when we could be spending time with Jesus. Shockingly, I did a bit of each. Typically pinterest totally trumps everything, that or FB. Totally my idol and my camera...I am in love with my new lens and still trying to figure it all out. Little surrenders 2012, obviously God took that seriously...maybe I should rename the year, I don't like what God keeps tugging at my heart to release.

Back to apples. Check out these Apple Crisp. So easy! You just take out the core, set your oven to 275, slice very thin and sprinkle with cinnamon and bake 1:30-2 hrs on parchment paper. Flip at 45 min.
The down side.... It takes so long and I could only get 1 to 1.5 apples per baking sheet and as soon as they were out I gobbled them up.
ON the flip side your house will smell incredible and they are yummy and healthy!!

Friday Fish
Paleo Mahi Mahi with Carrots and Ginger, along with Coucous via my health guru (that needs to start a blog)...
He also is tying to help me stop my nut addicition. Not good for diverticulitis nor when you are trying to clean your system.
I also ate lentils tonight, they were yummy!
Recipe for Mahi Mahi can be found here!

My food model

Busy Saturdays. talent show practice, bball, Ice skating and a Fairy Party.
Embrace the chaos!
Ice Skating Party

Fairy Party

#1 supportive mom!
You know this was totally was NOT planned, but I just smiled and pretended it was as everyone commented on what a fun mama wearing team colors..."GO Lakers" or maybe we're the Celtics....

On another rambling note, my eyes welled up with tears several times today and I don't think it is hormonal. When I say the facts of reality of the amount of grace the Lord bestows on me daily sometimes hits me...where I've been, where I am and it is overwhelming and embarrassing if someone sees you weeping in the corner. No seriously, it happened several times today, not weeping in the corner but definitely blurry vision due to big tears welling up in my eyes as my heart is pricked with little reminders of God's BIG faithfulness.
May I never forget nor be embarrassed, like today as I was in mid conversation the grace struck, tears welled and I think the man I was speaking thought " why is this lady about to cry?!"
They dried up as fast as they came, but what if I was bold enough to say "I am sorry, I just realized how good God is to me and how much Jesus really loves and cares for me. Do you know Him?"
Now that would be nuts or would it?!
I will let you know if I ever get that courgeous!

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