Monday, January 09, 2012

Road Booty!

As I was driving through our neighborhood, I came across this awesome "Road Booty", as I now have been educated on what to call it...thanks to Jason Zinn who a block a way, pushing his kids with his wife, gave a fist pump and yelled "road booty".
He helped me shove it in the Yukon and I drove around for a whole day with this wedged in beside me. Keepin' it classy.
Seriously though, these suckers cost hundreds of dollar's at the hardware stores, even the Hubs was impressed with it

Perfect for the treehouse

A bonus was a rope ladder I found with it!


  1. Love that you picked up a new slide. Tommy did the same thing a few weeks ago. We have a playset with a slide but he wants to add on to it and have another slide as well. The pics with your new lense are great.

  2. We are loving the slide. YOu need a blog so I can see pics of yours :) Hope yall are well!!!