Monday, January 09, 2012

Birthday Bash

You know your old when a "bash" is a couple and their kids meeting you out to celebrate at Salsarita's!
Our good, dear friends the Maddox's shared in our mexican feast celebration. The grands were out of town, so I had to ditch taking him out to a fancy dinner and embrace a birthday filled with banshee's and chaos!

We made our way back to the house and he got to open a TON of Banana Republic goodies!
Everything from scarf's, socks and gloves (and one awesome sweater) thanks to their fabulous sale on a sale.

 Daddy's girl. The have a very special bond!
Giddy up Gal! The play gets going.
Micah and MH are always creative in the drama department.

Micah sports the new soft suede Gal Necklace of Holland's Trinkets!
I love the length and material!

Sweet Laura!
 She always provides quality, heart engaging conversations!

It was a perfect party for CJ.... Low key!

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