Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Homewood FIT's Vision

I came across this quote (at the bottom of this post) tonight and the Crossfit Community is inspiring in so many ways. I am thankful to have been a part of it at Iron Tribe.
Our model is the crossfit mentality tweaked. It is geared toward women, by women who know what most women desire to be... tighter, fitter, smaller and firm. We will be doing some crossfit, but not the power lifting which tends to make me bulky, and will be combining interval training along with some intense core focus.
Our vision and desire is so much more than a FIT class that you come to, participate and leave. We hope friendships are built. We hope to spur each other on to take care of ourselves in and outside our classes by  encouraging each other to eat the right foods. Sharing recipes. Grabbing coffee. Eating meals together.....and so forth.

"Most of all we are a community. We suffer together and we succeed together. We cheer each other on. We help each other push past the pain and achieve things we never thought possible. Both inside and outside of the gym we are family. We come from all walks of life to find a common ground...."

Jonathan Heur

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