Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Working hard for the money.

Wow. I have been slaving away with these initial necklaces. Orders are coming in and our show is FRI. Please come. 9-12 (like Holland's Trinkets on FB for the address). My friend Anna Cate, of Caroline's CLippies in hosting it and she has some adorable stuff as well. I have had women in my house picking out their juullery all this week : ). I am pretty sure the hubs is sick of the hammer sound and his wife who never answers him and stares blankly into space when she is out of her workshop (aka random spots on the floor of my house). It is fun, but I will be happy when this show is over. I have found a store to sell them after so I won't be hauling 999 Intials back home. God is so good.
I also have been working on something else that I am hoping to announce mid December...but for now I have to keep it in my pocket. It's been consuming my mind and my time as well. It is very exciting. Back to  Holland's Trinkets (my A.D.D. has reached new heights, if that is possible) I have gotten some new "trinkets" in, but the computer that sucks my pictures off my camera for me is down, and my computer guy is soundly sleeping. Christmas cards are printed and ready to go, I now just await picking out my favorite picture. Fun times. That wraps it up for now. My eyes are crossing and my bed is screaming my name. Peace out.

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