Monday, November 28, 2011

Trip to Wheaton

Our trip to Wheaton was fabulous. Restful, engaging, joyful, and peaceful. I love going there, especially this year. We feasted and relaxed and cherished our time.
CJ shoots some behind the scene footage at our photo shoot.
All my pictures turned out a terrible color....I need to learn to work my camera better.

Taking our picture on her college roommate's, as well as her across the street neighbor, porch.
Out of 7 of her roommates, 5 live within like two blocks of each other and all have 4.5 children, two boys, two girls. I am kidding about the children, but sometimes it seems way too perfect.

The upcoming tennis star.
We hopped in the car at 8:30 PM and rushed over to watch Owen play the finals in a tournament he had played in all day.
He placed 2nd!

Love his passion!

I love this man... he has become my dear, dear friend. So thankful.
We were at a dead stop on I-65 forever.
Our trip home took 13.5 hours. It rained the entire way. We saw many wrecks and took a little side trip through downtown Cullman. We were thankful to be home.

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