Saturday, October 15, 2011

Columbus Day. Railroad Park.

We got this fabulous LOOKING kite at Habor Freights for $10 and everyone raves about it wherever we go. It is pretty and neat to look at, but this is as high as it has ever gotten. With so many holes, it seems to have a problem catching wind. 

You have to work to get it flying. 

Potty training time? Nah, he has a good 6 months left. 

The banshee clan and we are missing some....never, ever dull.
They are growing up together being in community in our church now for 2+ years.

  O's new nickname, due to the bottom lip that pops out at the drop of a needle. It is hilarious at times how far he can pooch it out. Oh the drama.

The other night from the bunks I hear--
O: "I am scared"
H: "Don't be scared Owen, God is with you"
O: "No he is not"
H: (somewhat shocked, he can lean on the legalistic side) "Owen yes, God is everywhere do you believe in God?"
O: "No, I do not"
H: (again, shocked) Owen the Bible stories we read, it's true, God is real. He really is real.
O: "No, he's not"
This conversation continued, basically repeated and ending with Owen escalating to tears screaming "He is not real, I  am not in Bible stories"
I had to explain to Hudson, Owen's age and the confusion that comes when trying to grasp God at age two (almost three).
A reminder to pray that both their hearts will love the Lord their God, with all their heart, soul and mind as they grow.

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