Sunday, September 25, 2011

Vineywoods Adventure

Notice the sweat band, leg kicks and fist pumps from MH as we start on our hike

And I feel the need to address the orange running shorts she now wears 24/7 and seen in most pictures.
Note, I no longer have any control of what the baby girl wears, except on VERY special occasions. These shorts might be on ebay soon if they cause the wars they caused last week.

We skipped church today because of runny noses and coughs, and this morning had our own worship "service". I had high hopes. I had excited children. They had roles to play in our little service. 
It all fell apart pretty quickly.
Our "music director" (MH) forgot some words and quickly had meltdown. Owen proceeded to follow and Hudson remained steady and read God's word from "The Jesus Storybook Bible" on the chapter the "Good Shepherd". Despite all the commotion CJ and I really felt fed from hearing our son's sweet voice read words that are written so well from so long ago.

After everyone recovered from melting down and we wrapped up our time, we decided to explore the Vineywoods further. Closer to the creek at the bottom of the hill. 

We are heading in!

Hudson, although MH debates it, came up with the name Vineywoods. 
It remains true to it's name. We needed a machete.

Our neighbors two bridges. From our road she cannot get to her home except by crossing her bridges. Her yard is quite amazing and her lot is huge!

The banshee's make their way upstream through all the vines.
There is a canopy of vines and leaves covering the creek. It is beautiful.
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