Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Twinkle House

Again, we name everything around here. Annoying? Maybe, but it's just become our little tradition, and it brings life and magic to the ordinary.
The banshee's decided on the Twinkle House.
CJ has promised them when it's done he will hang twinkle Christmas tree lights around it so they can enjoy it after sunset.

Pictured above: Hud helps dad use the nail gun. Great daddy/son time.


Trying it out

Team work

Perhaps my favorite picture of the day.

The Twinkle house going up in the Vineywoods.
The fall weather permitted us to be back there without being eaten alive by mosquitoes.
The weather was amazing.

The Ladder....
We found under vines in the front yard by a tree. It was perfect for the Twinkle House.
Someone took apart a playset, and left some hefty wood near the front of our house,
we hauled it up and only had to buy a few pieces of wood.
We still have the railing to go up and she will be finished... for now.
Sweet and simple. Much like our Tinklebell Cottage.
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