Friday, August 19, 2011

Community Living

 I feel like I want to write a book on this, but I am still such a rookie. All I can say is living in Homewood, in our tiny thimble of a house, we have had more life and joy as a family unit and individually. People are meant to live this way, I am convinced. My neighbors have embraced me and my children from the start. I feel like I am on vacation and get in the car for grocery runs and that's about it lately. Here was my day today, and believe it or not, it is still going as I type. Little whispers and voices from the adjacent room....
 My day started as I peeled myself out of bed at 7 am, way too late than I should sleep, but I could and I did. Yesterday the children hopped in the car with the next door neighbors and I waved good-bye with my coffee in my pj's. Yes, it.was.wonderful. So today we walked 3, out of their 5, kiddo's to school. We looked like a small parade (geared up with several light sabors) as we weaved our way through the alley's and down the sidewalks as the sun continued to rise and the humidity rose. I waved good-bye as they crossed the street to school and huffed and puffed my way back up with hills with Owen, resigning himself to the jogger. By 9 we had our friend Noah at our house and my friend Lauren sitting in my comfy chair sharing our life together. 12 pm- Allison and Jake came, Jake stayed and Allison went to finish her 40 day Paleo challenge. Yay, she did great and her body looks fabulous!!!! Lauren came, got Noah, and then Allison came back and ate her lunch and hung for a while.
 By this time it is time to head back for pick-up. The same alley's and sidewalks, but a lot hotter. We stop and talk, stop and talk (see Allison and Lauren again), and finally get the children and our herd (neighbors and all) start to head back, but someone drove so they all hopped in for a 4 block ride home. Snack time then we are off to the pool with the same cluster of neighbors (kids 3rd grade and under) and now we are back home with two of the 5 children from next door watching a movie with us in their pj's. I am convinced this is how life should be. At least for us, for this season. We are blessed and filled. I know I keep saying it, and maybe it seems all the sweeter because of where we've been. Nevertheless, living in such a tight knit community is a beautiful thing and I am pretty positive I am not the only one who appreciates it. So, as the children and friends tumble in and out of my house morning, noon and night it makes me think about what I can and cannot live without. For me that is people, I know I need this. I would give up the grand house with my dream kitchen anyday for little feet padding around and the joy of living life with others.

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