Friday, August 19, 2011

Camp Banshee

Noah was one of our many friends we've spent time with lately
and today he spent the morning with us. We had lots of fun.

The Chefs

The daddies

One of the many kitty's that love our yard and house. Not my favorite animal, but the kids LOVE them.

Pool on the trampoline. Classy, right?
They were zipped in and I could watch them from my comfy chair inside!

Being third children they chat it up. Here they are admiring Owen in a picture as a newborn.

Chefs again

Dance party banshee style. Putting the keyboard to use! Just lovely in the dining area, but well loved.
So long fancy house, embracing kid friendly living!

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  1. this is so precious! they are so funny together. thank you so much for watching him and loving on him that day!

  2. and i need a copy of the chef photos! adorable!