Monday, August 15, 2011

Banshee shots and Lights

Before almost every cute picture of my three banshee's I scroll through a lot that look like the above.

And the bribed picture. Everyone sucked it up, put on their smiles and got a sucker for a reward.
And this is how it all goes down. Most of the time.

I was thrilled to find these $5 polka dot covers (at Southeastern Salvage), with pillow inserts included.
The swanky new light from IKEA. $30. Much better than our ceiling fan in our "goldfish bowl".
No window treatments in this room, the windows are just too pretty. It is very private at Tinks Cottage.
I am ready to throw a shin-dig at night, but in the fall of course.

Ikea light. Totally wouldn't be in my "forever" house, but for a rental it is very fun and thank goodness the 1970 ceiling fan has come down. It's the little things.

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