Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Retreat, Beauty and Reality

"But we were more in love: for love must grow or die." A Severe Mercy
Thankful to be growing in love!

Reminded of God's beauty and grateful for a break and refreshment for the soul.


We enjoyed our stay (and spades) and laughs and long talks with the other couples....to learn with others, through others. God speaks to me through good community. I am thankful for each, honest, hungry after truth and their marriage and God couple I get to experience life with. It is soul-giving.

And reality....The "bark cabin" that the eldest banshee spent time in the Viney Woods constructing. We are loving the woods and a break from city life, him especially. Every boy needs woods to build and dream and explore. He comes in dirty for dinner and nails black, but full of life
 in ways that bring joy to a mama.

Little sister, always wanting him to leave her alone, but when he does she can't stand it.
 It makes me happy....and crazy.

Posing, can't stand to let Hud get all the attention.

I think she's done, for now. Tink's cottage wall, which thanks to handy dandy google for telling me {with one click} the best options to decorate around a flat screen. I threw them up one night with an impulsive need to get them off my floor and it somehow worked out.

Moved some furniture...brought in my Grandmother's antique piece in the corner and threw a couple of pillows around. Now to get all updated pillows, eventually...not at the top of my list. Two more panels to be hung with the other curtains to give them fullness and then it's done. Finally more settled.

I think I have come to the conclusion of my style. I like a mixture of contemporary classic mixed with antiques and elegance. Comfy and sophisticated. Not sure what that's called.
I will have to google it! Someone emailed me asking to help them decorate,
so that is always encouraging and fun!!
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