Thursday, July 14, 2011

Owls, Dancing and Ramblings

Making our craft today. Owls. Our friends came over yesterday and came back today, nothing like summer fun. (yesterday we made flowers, but didn't get any pictures, we set them outside to dry and in blew a least we had fun)  You too can make your own owls (or flowers). Crafty and very easy. Abbey, my friend swung by the Dollar Tree and got an assorted bag of googly eyes. Can't beat cheap crafts :)

Impromptu dance party with our keyboard demo playing and we wait for our little owls to dry.
It's the little things.

Coming along

Now they can see. Again, very easy and fun!

So, I haven't read any more "how to's" about taking pictures and would really like to take a class. I feel like I get random good pictures, which I am coming to conclude it is ALL about the lighting. My pictures look yellow or blue, but it's at least soft which is better than the flash. Any pointers... point away.

I am clearing off my camera because tomorrow we head to Farm Links with our marriage group for a little conference. Yes, we have been in counseling for years and now walk the road to intimacy in our marriage with 6 other couples, and it is a beautiful, honest, life-giving...a holy place to be. I think we will always be in a group that works specifically on growing as a couple, for on this side of heaven we will never be there. There is no finish line and there is always more growing to do and more working it out. Reality is, marriage is hard for everyone at some point and time. Intimacy in this day and age is rare...Needless to say I can't wait to go!

God has done so many beautiful things in and through our marriage, I can't wait for three days to be with the hubs and no kids. It's been no walk in the park, but we at least can see the park now...seriously, it's been hard, a struggle, a lot of forgiveness on both parties, humility and commitment. I would not nor could not imagine walking the road with any other man than CJ. It has been a beautiful, messy road to redemption and God continues to refine our marriage and hone us both into Him, molding and making us, breaking and mending...but we trust Him. Thank you Jesus.
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