Sunday, April 03, 2011

Birmingham Bound

 I am at a loss for words which rarely happens. In two hours we will be boarding a plane leaving a place that leaves me well...speechless. This week has been holy and soul-filling. I have learned more about what goes into actually planting a church and personally gone deeper in walking with Christ. I have met people who have forever left an imprint on my soul. I leave Seattle full.... full in spirit, full in rest, full in my marriage, full in my relationship with Jesus, full in friendships and we are sad to leave not knowing if we will be coming back to live.

 God is leading us with a lamp right by our feet. God is moving in very mysterious ways and it's been amazing to watch and see as He truly knows the best for our little family. We wait with open hands and hearts for Him in guiding us. Our prayer from Sept 2010 when this journey begun was that we would know His will. As time went on, our prayer became His will would be bold and clear. Bold and clear, in my book, meant selling a home that had sat on the market over a year and it selling in the summer of 2011. I did not feel led to move the banshees during the school year to such a foreign place.

 Thursday, before we left, I got a call from an agent/friend who had heard nothing about our plans, but he asked (in a doubtful tone) if we might be interested in renting to some girls, two med students and two who work at Samford?! "They would need a two year lease and would pay ____ money per month". My jaw dropped. It covered our mortgage, plus extra. "They want to rent starting summer." Again jaw drop. Was this God's provision? Did this mean we were about to be picking up our lives and REALLY moving clear across the country? I still don't have an answer, the hubby still has to secure a job, but it was pretty bold due to the fact it came at such a time, the exact time, we had been praying for. Pray for patience and open hearts.

 We leave with what feels like a longing for this to be our new home and a sadness for what that means in leaving our old home, our dear friends and family. We leave full and fulfilled and waiting to see how God moves next and that we may have the continued grace to follow His lead.

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