Monday, January 03, 2011

A memorable night and more....

The two oldest banshee's headed back to school today. It was sad. I have loved Christmas and loved my little ones being at home with me. Mary Holland was fully ready to get back to her social life, Hudson on the other hand would love to home school and is a homebody, but that is NOT on this mama's agenda nor do I have the patience nor energy to put forth teaching my own child and being disciplined in the school arena. No thank you! I have upmost respect for mother's who do. I think it is great and I actually was home schooled until the 5th grade and LOVED it! 
Big things are happening around the Manor. First and foremost my baby girl read her first book tonight. We are so proud of her (and she announced to everyone that she was proud of herself too) So exciting to see her eyes light up when she realized she was able to do it. She read it over and over and over and over....but I don't mind. "The days are long, but the years are short." I know the trying days of little ones will be short lived and in a blink they will be grown. Some days I wish I could put them to bed at five, but most days they are pure delight and today was one of those days. I am delighting in the gifts God has granted us. I love being a mama!!
I made a mix cd for one of my favorite people who lives far, far away. I also made myself a copy. It's a Christian Mix and a combination of Mandi Mapes (from Brookhills cd), Jennifer Knapp, Red Mountain Music and others. One song that I know to be true and have listened to over and over this evening is "In His Arms" by Mandi Mapes. Here is my favorite line....

"so hold me close
keep me Yours always
bid me, break me, be my rock
for now and all my days....
Jesus is my hope
and I know He stills the wind
so take my very life away
as long as I get Him"

The past year and a half we have been through many trials as a couple and individually on many different fronts, that I won't share here... with that being said, I can honestly say Jesus lives and is moving and shaping, molding, breaking and redeeming our lives, our marriage and our family. We have struggled and fought together... and alone at times... and ultimately have drawn closer to God and then to each other. Maybe one day I will share our testimony of God's unbelievable Power and Might in meeting us in a place of brokenness. There are no words for the Jesus I know today. He is always with me and I feel His presence constantly, but it took Him molding me and making me- and that was painful- but I am thankful. There is nothing like knowing Him the way I do now, the way I longed too for many years and had glimpses of...maybe I will share more later. I am just feeling a spirit of gratitude and really, truly know the "deep, deep love of Jesus... vast, unmeasured, boundless, free!" I pray you do as well.
Goodnight on this cold, cold night. The Manor creaks and moans as the wind blows through our shabby but sheek antique windows and we stay cozy under our quilts. Thank you Jesus for heat!!

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