Friday, December 31, 2010

MH photography skills

Mary Holland told me I looked cute (my hair cut and new clothes obviously made an impression on her) and  told me she wanted to take pictures, so we had a photo shoot!!! (reason #567 I love having a girl for silly fun, fashionable times that my boys would never, ever notice or care about) She was pleased with her skills. I think it was the only time I sat down, these banshee's keep me moving for sure. I am grateful for their little laughter, tiny footsteps on my hardwoods and lots of questions.
They really bring out the joy of Jesus and His gifts He has graciously bestowed to us.

*She took WAY more than this and most are me in really weird positions or with a crazy face. Here were the top three (I added one of the action shots of me yapping away about something)*

Note we are still celebrating Christmas through-out the Jones manor. I hate to break it to Owen who is still going strong with the Christmas spirit (and carols). He has LOVED Christmas and "deck the halls" still rings through-out the house with his little voice singing LOUDLY, along with "jingle bells" and "The 12 days of Christmas" which are always hilarious and mixed up. I want a two year at Christmas for the rest of my life!!
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  1. Love your blog! It is so fun having a girly girl isn't it! Hope you are doing well!