Saturday, January 29, 2011

Owen is having a terrible two spell. He is just plain terrible in certain moments. Tonight he cried the WHOLE time during dinner and we just tried to talk above him, Hudson announced that Owen got the best crier award. We all agreed. At least he is so cute all the other times or we would be in trouble.
Mary Holland looks like a homeless child here, the picture below looks like a homeless shelter. Well, I am not sure (if you have two or more banshees) how your home or your car are not anything but trashed at least 80% of the time. One of my biggest challenges lately is trying to Glorify God in cleaning my house. It is taking a lot of prayer, and it (cleaning not prayer) is something I hate, hate hate. It is SOOOO futile. I clean up to have it disassembled in less than 10 minutes by the precious banshee's.
I am realizing how I wallow in self-pity when at least I do have a house to clean. I do have children to destroy my house. I do have furniture that I have to dust. I do have toys I have to pick up. Turning my futile, angry, ticked off thinking into a gratitude list sometimes helps the mood and attitude towards picking up...yet again. Prayer and gratitude can be very helpful for me in quickly changing a mood, but sometimes I just have to accept I am going to be grouchy and it isn't going to lift, but I still have to do my chores.

I can't even begin to state the reasons I love this little one. She is amazing in so many ways. Her top trait is compassion, it seeps out of her. She is kind and sensitive and loves bows and dolls and anything girly. Sometimes I wonder how she came from me, we are so very opposite, but she teaches me so much through her little life and soul. She is "raising" me well. :)
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