Monday, December 06, 2010

Rewind!!!! I am not sure how this happened, maybe three extremely busy banshee's with a full packed schedule, but I forgot to post about our camping trip. We packed up and took the trek over the mountain to Oak Mountain State Park, a mere 20 minute drive, but thank you Jesus it was not a minute longer (esp. coming home) for our first official camping trip. The temperature dropped to 40' that night and needless to say the Jones' did NOT come prepared, but our sweet friends the Goesslings had brought a huge sack of extra blankets. We laughed, we froze, we cooked eggs, bacon and hash browns over the fire for dinner, pancakes for breakfast (Lauren even picked up these handy dandy Starbucks instant coffee packets and enjoyed a beautiful October day. The tree's were fantastic. Our kids slept through the night even though our tent was on a slight incline, we are amateurs obviously. It took me a FULL week to here are a million pictures that don't come close to showing what a fabulous time we all had!!

Early in the morning
Playground in the PJ's
Noah and Owen march back to camp!
They are two pea's in a pod. Sweet, sweet 3rd children.
Leaving camp, we got this random 10 year old to take our picture, but he did the job.
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