Monday, December 06, 2010


I have finally given my little old blog a face lift and am going to start writing a little more about the adventures that we have and more about the things we do, which is by NO means thrilling. We are a simple family who actually doesn't do anything too exciting, but we do have fun together!!
I am not a "scrapbooker". This is my scrapbook of my banshee's and their lives in pictures. The hubby, several Christmas's ago, had my blog made into a book, it was beautiful and he designed it ALL. We are so far behind at getting caught up, but the time it took in moving pictures, making some bigger, laying it out, ect...almost sent him over the edge. It for sure was a labor of love, so next go around we will have someone do it for us. If you have any suggestions we are open to them. I have now "activated" my comments which I have stayed away from....ackkk! I am not in the "blog sphere world" and not sure I want to be, but I do love reading all the many ones I stalk. I also am illiterate about blogging, I JUST upgraded to a newer format in blogger. It asked me months ago, but I declined because I HATE change and at least I knew how the old one worked. We'll see how this all goes.
Update of why I am doing this now. The Banshee's are sick. Yep, 1,2, and 3....for FOUR days. I have decorated my house for Christmas (to the extreme), organized closets, cleaned out the toys, drank huge amounts of coffee, managed to stay away from organizing clothes, printed most of my Christmas cards (the ink ran out) and now I find myself at 1:03 AM trying to figure out this whole blogging thing. My eyes are crossing and I am sure I will be up in the night with little feet padding down the hall. (I hear one coughing like a 60 year old smoker now, nice.) I might wake in the morning, decide I was very sleep deprived and delete it never know.

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