Sunday, August 03, 2008


Well, I have been painfully working on going back and updating our blog in hopes that one day I will have it printed out for the children and they can see their lives from the beginning. WHEW! It has not been fun and I am not finished even. So if you want to see pics from the beginning proceed to the blog archive and start at the beginning. Hard to imagine they were SOOO tiny!


  1. I think its great you are blogging to keep a virtual scrapbook for your kids. They will love it when they get older, I'm sure!

    My mom actually surprised us for Christmas last year with a binder of every blog I posted for the entire year (w/pictures). It was awesome! MUCH easier than scrapbooking if I do say so myself and there were already some many things that had happened or funny conversations I would have forgotten had I not written them down!

  2. that is really sweet and thoughtful of her...i have a scrapbook for hud up to a yr. and then it is so hard and time consuming and by the time you get around to actually doing it you are foggy on what all happened that month. blogging is so much easier.
    that pic of you on fb at the beach is awesome. you look so great and so fit.

  3. BrookeHaynesFloyd2:32 PM

    I love keeping up with the Joneses even though I have not seen you (Suzanne) in about 23 or so years. Mrs. Hicks told me about your blog one time in a Christmas card. I show my Hudson your Hudson every now and then. How is Mrs. Hicks? Congrats on the new baby.

  4. hey brooke, great to hear from you. i hope your hudson is doing well!! how many children do you have? i remember seeing pics when he was a baby. gmama is living with uncle mark and actually fell and is in rehab right now. she is in a lot of pain so pray for her. would love to see pics of you and your fam. my email is tell your family hello!