Sunday, March 10, 2013

Skipping church

Growing up we were in church everytime the doors opened! I am so grateful for my upbringing and my parents faithfulness. The pendulum does swing a bit and sometimes we skip church bc I think the focus was so focused on the have to's and being in church was the end all. I think church is very important and God does command us to be in a body of believer's. However, I do also believe God uses everything to show us himself and sometimes we stay home and rest and worship him through His creation. After weeks of cold and rain He is fueling our souls on this beautiful day.

I am hoping I can teach my children the balance of spirit and truth. God had revealed and continues to reveal more of this to me. As believers we do have the Holy Spirit and I hear him so clearly now, he speaks through scriptures and his word is the ultimate authority, but when we align ourselves with him and ask for more, with a heart in an open position he will show up and we will see...not that it's up to us, but when my heart has been in the fullest surrender are the times I can hear him the best.

Solid doctrine and good theology is key, but they should not drown out the masters voice...Oswald Chambers talks about this in his devotional My Upmost for His Highest. He does whisper gently to our souls. "call to me and I will answer you..."

Hoping to teach our kids a personal relationship with Him, solid doctrine and a heart that lives in daily surrender and openness to receiving His love and promises inside and outside the church.

Living a wild at heart morning. Shirtless wrestling and BB guns. Thankful for boys.

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