Sunday, December 23, 2012

Ricky Routan

I've joined the ranks w my sister and now own a miniVAN. I fought it to the very end, but then the prices and gas price I could not argue with. Here she is. Ricky the cleanest she'll ever be. Give her a day with the banshees and she'll age 5 years. She is already several years in but looks and drives great! The Banshee's could not be happier. Hudson said if we could not get a limo, than a van would do. Whew, glad he approves.
Merry Christmas to me {I think}. We will miss the old Sherman Tank, but he was on his last leg, literally, not sure if he will ever get a new owner. Sweet Sherman.
On to a new day and lots of last minute orders. Peace, love and JOY.

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