Sunday, December 16, 2012

It's been a while.

I rarely sit in front of a computer anymore. We are moving and shaking and the Joneses are having a hard time keeping up with laundry, much less the other Joneses out there.
What a year 2012 has been. I feel foggy abt the details, but I know God has been moving and changing and it's been a season of growth and peace. A time for change. I no longer have a baby, but a four year old. It is a different season, but a good season. I am running two tiny businesses and trying to get kids to school on time. It's a much more outer focus. And it is good. Life is big and full and so not about me. God is showing and showing me that daily. I long for heaven, but I also am living more in the present. Staying in today. Not yesterday nor tomorrow. It is freedom. Freedom. Living for each moment, that is life.
My hearts deep desire is that all may know what living IN Christ alone feels like. What it means. Freedom. Healing. Joy and deep, deep peace. It is available to all and I feel deeply and moved to the depths of my soul that the Gospel and all it has to offer is for all. The unbeliever and the legalist. God is good, kind and loves us deeply. My biggest prayer is that ppl who may randomly read this, know that. That nugget of truth. God loves drunks. God loves perfectionist and there is not one thing you can do to win His favor....
On to lighter things. Tonight I got the blog app so we shall see if this even makes it to actual posting. I am keeping my fingers crossed I can figure out how to post pics. It's great to be back writing. I live life more now through instagram and that is now my outlet, although a one sentence picture statement is hard to do. Nevertheless, I love instagram. I love pics!!
Here are some of the latest pics....

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