Saturday, February 04, 2012


Hilarious. I was looking for uploaded pictures and came across this. LOVE IT.
This was the trip To Rosemary Beach where Homewood FIT's dream begin in a one little garage apartment that four of us MOTHERS, our little name for our crew, crammed ourselves into.
Blow up whales (or was it a dolphin), lots of inside jokes and memories were made. Can't wait for our 3rd annual trip!
Lauren, the peace sign MOTHER, is my business mentor and cheerleader. She helps me sift through my dreams and idea's and is quite an entrepreneur herself as she started a successful stationary company.
Allison is my right hand women. She is my partner in Homewood FIT and has been in the fitness industry for years. She is fit, fun and the best coach (and friend) ever. She has whipped us all in shape! I think this trip was where our own little community work-outs begin!

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