Thursday, January 19, 2012

Life in the fast lane

Planet Uranus. Hope Owen doesn't miss his blow-up baseball!
Those poor third banshee's...

Pictures with one of my besties new baby, note I don't do well with newborns and a camera
3 of my bff's had babies within weeks of each other and it has been a great form of birth control for me.
If there is to be a 4th banshee, Lord willing one day, it must come through the form of day. 

California Girls
It makes me not want to post pictures of all the sleep deprived run-down looking mother's,
but I will bc vanity gets you no where, right?!
These girls are a blast and I met Michelle, the brown haired Diva when I was out in LA.
She loves Jesus, is a lawyer and is fun and as real as they get and of course MBT is like my sister, she needs to move back home!

"Hold on to 16...." We are trying our best.

Life changing.
My friend's husband is helping me turn my health around and one day he might be famous. He is a wealth of information. I am drinking this magical juice daily (I mix it up, but you can use super food powder, spinach, ginger, celery, parsley, carrots, cucumbers, kale, lemon juice...). He lives near me and makes them for me some days and his are terrific. I am trying to get him to start a blog. (pls tell him AF)
 It literally feels like it is healing me. No sugar in a while due to some health issues and I have been forced to change my eating habits. So I am out to heal my body. So far it is working.

Getting a head start on Valentine's Day cards.
Grandmama ROCKS!

Owen and his pets having a tea party

The Viney Woods. As the banshee's scream and squeal and explore the woods I think of the magical time this is for them. They still are young enough to have vivid imaginations, love telling their friends about Tinks Cottage and the Viney Woods. Every day is an adventure for them and it makes me want to bottle this time. Hold them here while they are little. I know that isn't reality, so I will just embrace and try and be present here and now!

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