Tuesday, November 01, 2011


Mrs. Coleman. MH's teacher and her daughter.
We love and adore her and we all are grateful she's a believer (and an Auburn grad :))
Let's get this party started....
 Dressed up banshee's, a lot of them.
 Pizza before candy, always healthy
Embrace the Chaos, the only option.

Most of the clan.

The monkey costume that our monkey would not wear.

Allison. My work out bud and one of my besties.
We ended the night with a fire, quidditch, and hot cider at our friends.
Hudson went to bed in tears saying it was the worst Halloween EVER.
You can't make everyone happy I've come to realize,  and everyone else had a ball :)
(I think walking miles and the sugar-crash was obviously affecting his emotions)

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